Tuesday, September 28, 2010

evolutionary trait: cuteness.

children break my heart.

all day long, someone else's children are the receptacles of my efforts. they plot devious schemes to avoid getting caught doing something they're not supposed to just because they want to do something they're not supposed to. did anyone ever tell them they're not supposed to be stupid? did anyone ever tell them that they're supposed to follow the little rules and break the big ones? exercise choice not in whether or not to stick one's used gum on the underside of the table or whether or not to wear clothing against dress code, but in whether or not to believe commercials, get lost in video games, and otherwise tune out to any sense of reality.

once the day is over, it's time for practice. and practice is a glorious thing. here, consequence is introduced, suffered, and enjoyed at every turn. follow instruction or get hurt. follow along or get lost. take initiative or take punishment. pursue excellence or achieve shame. novel concepts to today's children.

after finally dealing with everyone else's children, the best part of the day looms. now one's own children get to break one's own heart. thanks are mandatory and reminded rather than elective. dinner and bath and bed are sequences of action rather than a romantic evening of glowing promise. and after all is said and done, the little brat is still awake and singing songs at the top of her lungs just because she knows the words.

children break my heart.