Friday, May 18, 2012

where did you go
and what did you see
and when you went there
and saw that
did you remember me?

did you remember that time that we walked along walls
stooping for dandelions and catching our falls
from grace or from innocence or the far off long somewhere
where dreams can come true like prisms in blue air?

when you tied up my shoes and zipped up my collar
and fastened my boots and for dinner would stall her
coming down from upstairs or out of the bed
still fuzzy and dreaming big dreams in her head

we stumbled through daydreams and walks in the woods
and i remember every playtime and patience, you stood
on the sidelines just hoping
and hoping 'til you burst
knowing the truth: we sometimes come first.

so settling for sunlight and breezes and naps
and medium and reflection's inevitable collapse
into one more slumber i yearn to exhaust
when you saw and you went were you home or were you lost?

and are they really all that different, anyway?

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