Thursday, April 19, 2018


it has been such a long and lonely spring
and dark 
and harrowing
and our limbs have stayed dormant
waiting for sunshine 
to send sweetness
up to reaching leaves
and promising 

but your limbs are slender and graceful
and all the way over there
and cold.

i reach out to you
go out on my limbs
though they are icy and rough
and full of wounds and cracks and memories
not yet scarred over
and i cannot touch you.

i reach out to you
you in your slender grace
all the way over there
all by yourself
and all this wind
between us.

and between us there is so much space
and so many days
and so much blank
and i am not sure that i can reach you
over it all.

but i go.
every day, i crawl along my hurt and 
scraping over my broken promises
and cracked memories of sunshine days
i catch my fingers
in knots and dreams
of seasons when i made you happy
and you laughed in the wind
and the world was richer for your joy.

and i go
every night, stealing along my resolve
knowing that my branches will hold
and certain that yours will not
though i may perch
in my longing
and breathe you in
and settle for your sigh.

i go.

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