Tuesday, August 25, 2009

anonymous generous.

i received a package in the mail today containing a very nice pair of used sidi carbon road shoes for my brother. they didn't smell great. but they were nestled around a can of Dale's Pale Ale from colorado. amazing stuff. i washed the shoes. i washed the insoles. i washed a mountain of dishes. i swept the floors. i mopped the floors. i folded all of the laundry. then i drank a can of Dale's Pale Ale from colorado, and had it in a frosted glass. life is perfect. the sender of the shoes didn't have to include 355ml of excellence and wonder. i haven't even sent him payment for the shoes yet. he included his business card. he taped to the back of said business card a fortune cookie fortune regarding compassion. did i mention that all of this was uncalled-for? amazing. i was just trying to buy a pair of shoes for my brother to get into road pedals and shoes, and here i am, dizzy on pale ale and generosity from a lawyer in jersey. fantastic.

topic number two: anonymity. a blogger was sued by a model for slandering said model on said blogger's blog. the major fallout entailed the forcing, by court and Google™, said blogger's true identity to be revealed. that's bullshit. anonymity, perceived and actual, is an assumed, necessary, and important aspect of writing. even if an author's name, address, publisher, and cheesy black and white headshot are on the back of the book, they are still essentially anonymous because they are not effectively saying the things in their book to an actual audience that is present. to me, anonymity is feeling more like whether or not you can be hit by the person to whom you are eloquating. that's right: eloquating. impossible to do, according to Webster, i'm sure, but i'm going to do it anyway. and i'm going to do it anonymously because you can't hit me while i do it. anyway, anonymity is important, and shouldn't be revoked because some middle-aged model feels slandered by some blogger whose site has apparently never been visited (we may have had a contest for least visited blog, and now that model has ruined everything). don't people get 'slandered' every day by much more popular media sources whose 'authors' aren't 'anonymous' unknowns? what about the tabloids? oy...

so, i imagine it's obvious that i didn't get out on two wheels today. i got out on two feet, 'cause i figured that i should go and do that kind of painful activity while i'm still too asleep to fully appreciate the pain, and save the riding for a state of wakefulness wherein i may enjoy it. the evening gave way to more pressing obligations, but i remain hopeful of tomorrow morning and its 30% chance of showers. i've been wanting to try my new 25c maxxis re-fuse tires in something wet. stand by...

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