Friday, August 14, 2009


some things have happened/are happening/will happen shortly.

  • i went out and rode hills with some buddies yesterday
  • during the second gut-wrenching, head-exploding journey up the first hill, a "Lapdogs" team rider passed us, so, naturally, i accelerated to stick his wheel, then promptly dropped off after he mentioned that it was his 15th time up the hill.
  • my buddy broke his spoke on the ride back to my place.
  • i got to replace the spoke with one of the perfect length that i just happened to have, and stella artois helped us with the process.
  • i crashed my bike without hitting the ground myself.
  • it was the first time i really laid the bike down, and it hurt.
  • it was entirely my own careless fault, as i rode into a curb while looking back for my buddies.
  • duh.
  • i didn't break anything on my bike.
  • i am about to go true the front wheel.
  • a pork gyro from louis' is about to help with that process.
  • i like 28c tires.
  • the day is only getting hotter.

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